Read Before Purchase

  • Our products are mostly selling in Preorder, unless it was stated as Readystock. 我们的产品大多以预购形式销售,除非标注为现货
  • To customers from East Malaysia and Singapore, if you encounter a shipping fee of RM9999 during checkout, please contact us via email to obtain the correct shipping information. Thank you! 致东马以及新加坡的顾客,如果您结算订单时发现邮费数额为RM9999,请通过电邮联系我们以获得正确的邮费信息,谢谢!
  • Once the payment made successfully, NO CANCELLATION provided. 一旦付款成功,我方将不提供取消订单服务。 
  • Please be advised that we disclaim any liability for damages or losses incurred through the actions or operations of any logistics company. 请知悉由于物流公司所造成的包裹丢失,我方不承担责任。
  • Please be advised that we do not provide refunds after successful payment. For any exceptional circumstances or inquiries, please feel free to contact us at 请知悉在付款成功后,我们不提供退款服务。有任何特殊情况或疑问,请通过company@landedbookstore.com与我们联系。

      Please make sure that all T&Cs stated are acceptable for you before purchasing, we appreciate your cooperation and patience!