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【Special】#DopamineBookBag 多巴胺小书袋

【Special】#DopamineBookBag 多巴胺小书袋

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上架了一款特别 #多巴胺书袋 给大家,大部分的书籍尺寸都够放,出门阅读的时候想好好保护书籍可以考虑加购它。有磁扣的主袋可以放1-2本书籍,不会怕掉出来伤害书籍。背面的拉链暗袋和内袋可以放小皮包、证件、手机等很方便!


Introducing a special #DopamineBookBag for everyone! It can accommodate most book sizes, making it an ideal choice for protecting your books while you're on the go. The main compartment with a magnetic closure can securely hold 1-2 books, ensuring they won't fall out and get damaged. Additionally, the concealed zipper pocket on the back and inner pocket provide convenience for carrying small wallets, documents, mobile phones, and more!

Please note: #DopamineBookBag may not fit all book sizes, so please consider your individual needs before making a purchase.

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